Solicitation/Charitable Donations

Commercial Solicitation

Our tenants are focused during the business day on providing services to their customers and clients. It is at their preference that solicitation is prohibited on Bay Plaza property (without an appointment) and via the website. If you have a business offering you believe may be of interest to tenants at Bay Plaza, please use the telephone number or mailing address found on their individual tenant page to request an appointment to present your materials.

Solicitation emails sent to tenants via our ‘send a comment’ or ‘contact’ options on the website are not forwarded.

Charitable Donations

This non-solicitation policy also applies to requests for charitable donations from Bay Plaza or our tenants. To request charitable donations, we advise the same — use the telephone or send a written request to the manager of the location from which you wish to receive a donation for your organization. With respect to donation requests directed to Bay Plaza, please send your request in writing to:

Please make your request a minimum of four weeks in advance of your charitable event. Because of the volume of requests received, we regret we are not able to fulfill every request. Making your request early and for the benefit of a non-profit organization will be helpful.